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Oguri-gawa Karugamo community centre | where you may visit and utilize facilities as a district "Living Room".

Floor plans

The floor plan of the Oguri-gawa Karugamo community centre is showing here.
Please note the building is smoking free. The rooms marked with colour are charged, except for the child-rearing play room.
A lift and an accessible toilet marked green are available.

1st floor

1st floor

      Please refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in this premises, however:
    • Eating and drinking are allowed in the café lounge and the lounge.
    • Drinking is allowed in both the study space and magazines corner.
    • Eating and drinking are permitted at the baby feeding room in the Child-rearing Play room.
    • Drinking is permitted at the kids library in the Play room.

2nd floor

2nd floor

  • The terrace deck is not opened in rainy condition.
  • Enjoy eating and drinking but nonalcoholic in the terrace deck.

Free spaces

The floowing area are provided freely utilised in the centre.

Reception, Lobby, Magazine corner and Study space

Reception and Lobby

Reception: Any queries or application to be contacted.
Lobby: Great time spending with play card, Othello, Igo and Shogi during your Centre visit.
Study space: There is plenty of seating at the long sharing and partitioned tables.
Magazine corner: There is plentytypes of magazines and news papers.
The picture is taken from the play room to showing the reception in the left, the magazine corner and the study space through the lobby.

Lobby and Terrace deck in the 2nd floor

Lobby and Terrace

The picture is taken the terrace deck in the 2nd floor from the lobby.
A seasonal showpiece is displaied beneath the TV. Please enjoy it while your visit.

Cafe lounge

Cafe lounge

Great for grabbing a quick bite to eat or a coffee during your Centre visit
A soft-drink vending mathine and coffe server are available.
Your clean-up prosedure after the usage of the space is always requested.



Overview of the lobby taken from the 2nd floor.
As it is shown in the picture, the lobby is very bright by the wide clean windows.
Eating is permitted since April 2018 and please wipe off a used table when you leave.
Igo, Shogi, Othello and playing card is always waiting for you.
Please contact the reception for play them.

Chiled-rearing Play room

Child-rearing play room

The picture is taken from the entrance.
This room is provided for babies and little children and their parents.
There are a diaper changing tabel in the baby feeding room and hot water for milk.
There is no need to ask a reception for usage of the room.
The Tama nursery school opens a visiting school in every Thursday except for a public holiday.
Ping pong is avalable after 4 pm for Primaly and Junior high school students. Please follow the playing rule.

Baby feeding room and Kids library

Baby feeding room and Kids library

This picture shows a baby feeding room and the Kids library in the Child-rearing Play room.
A request note is probided for your comments and request. Please feel free to write down your idea.
The baby feeding room is allowed to eat in addition to drinking in the Child-rearing Play room.

Rooms required rental fees (Pay rooms)

The follows are the pay rooms, which are asked a charge, in the centre. The tarif is here.
For the time being, the current capacity will be set to be less than 50% of the room capacity.
After a Groop registration, please book a room or rooms in the Tama city resistration site.
You can book rooms tow months advance. Booking status can be found in Tama city resistration site.
The room charge is varied from forenoon (9:30-13:00), afternoon (13:00-17:00) to evening (17:00-21:00).
New tarif is applied since Aplir, 2020.
Cancelation or change can be applied in Tama city resistration site.
The first day for a room booking can be applicable one day after the groop registration process.

Hole (2nd floor)


Space:113sq.m, Capacity:80 people, Grand piano is avalable.
No food nor drink
Fee: forenoon\1,070, afternoon\1,220, evening\1,370
Grand piano: forenoon\170, afternoon\200, evening\220

Meeting room 1 (2nd floor) Connecting use is avalable

Meeting room 1

Space:36sq.m, Capacity:18 people
No food nor drink
Full-length mirrors are equipped on the wall.
Fee: forenoon\330, afternoon\380, evening\430

Meeting room 2 (2nd floor) Connecting use is avalable

Meeting room 2

Space:27sq.m, Capacity:12 people
No food nor drink
Very light room by the two-sided glass wall.
Fee: forenoon\250, afternoon\290, evening\320

Tatami room 1 and 2 Both room can be connected

Tatami room 1 and 2

Space: 15sq.m each (10 mat room), Capacity:12 people each
No food but drink is allowed
Fee for each room: forenoon\140, afternoon\160, evening\180
Kara-Oke is functioned in the room since 1st July, 2020.
See the detail of the Kara-Oke usage

Music room (1st floor)

Music room

Space:45sq.m, Capacity:30 people, Up-light piano is avalable.
Soundproofing music room using a double door system.
No food nor drink
Fee: forenoon\420, afternoon\480, evening\540
Up-light piano: forenoon\100, afternoon\120, evening\150 Kara-Oke is functioned in the Tatami room since 1st July, 2020.
See the detail of the Kara-Oke usage

Cooking room (1st floor)

Cocking room

Space:27sq.m, Capacity:12 people
For the time beings, the room is only avalable for a meeting.
All free cocking facilities: Electric rice cooker, Microwave oven, Three burners gas stove, Thermos bottles, Pressure cooker set, Tableware, Cups etc.
Eating and drinking of soft-drink is permitted.
Very light room by the two-sided glass wall.
Fee: forenoon\330, afternoon\380, evening\430

Facility usage regulaion

The new regulation for eating and dringking in a facilty has been little relaxed since October, 2019.
Please follow the new regulation below.
All meals will be prohibited for the time being from 1st July, 2020. Only rehydration drinks are allowed.

== Community rooms ==
Drink Food Alcohol
Music room × ×
Hole × ×
Cooking room × ×
Meeting room × ×
Tatami room × ×

○: Yes ×: Not allowed
■: Requirement of application
▲: Special permission is required

== Open space ==
Drink Food Alcohol
Terrace × ×
Lobby × ×
Café lounge × ×
Library corner × ×
Magazine corner × ×
Play room × ×
Baby feeding × ×

○: Yes ×: Not allowed
▲: Special permission is required

  1. Please leave the room utilized in the same way you want to find it. All of the belongings you have brought shall be taken out from the room by 30 minuts before the end of the time limit.
  2. Catering servise or drinking can be applicable in the room after the application form is fully filled and accepted.
  3. Noisy situation will be fussed and may causes having no space in this facility.
  4. The responsible persion shall be required to give in an account of this conduct on the occasion.
  5. Two letters of apology brings your group to cross out a registration from the facility.

Kara-Oke usage rule

The Kara-Oke system has been started to enjoy since March, 2018.
You may enjoy the Kara-Oke provided the conformation of the regulations to prevent any nuisance of other visiters in the centre.
To play Kara-Oke requires the fee of the music room in addition to the Kara-Oke system rental fee.

  1. First of all, a groop resistration is necessary. Please read this for detail.
  2. At the room registration for the Kara-Oke, please do not forget to check "Kara-Oke mic set" on the application form.
  3. On the appointed day, please present the approved application form and pay the Kara-Oke fee to a reception. The reception brings you Kara-Oke microphones and the remort control set named "Denmoku".
  4. Whe you will have enjoyed the Kara-Oke time, please hand carry all set, which are the microphones and the remort control set, to the reception.
  5. Do not change any set up of the Kara-Oke system.
  6. The 21 o'clock is the time limit for the evening play.
  7. You may only bring to drink a type of lidded "pet bottle" in the music room.
  8. The Kara-Oke regurations must be stricktly abeyed. Otherewise, your groop resistration will be broken off when it will be awfully repeated.
  9. Kara-Oke system fee: forenoon\840, afternoon\960, evening\960
  10. The Kara-Oke room has been changed from the Tatami rooms to the music room since 15th October, 2018.