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Oguri-gawa Karugamo community centre | where you may visit and utilize facilities as the district "Living Room".

Monthly event calendar

  1. Since the installation of Tama city facility registration system, which was announced on the community centre column paged 7 in "Tama city public magazine No. 1341", is activated from 4th January, 2019, the internal calender has been ended up. The detail of the Tama registration system will be found in here.
  2. The reception will biring you the up-to-date status of all the facilities.
  3. The rental facility registration shall be done through Tama city facility registration system site.

Bimonthly Brochure

  1. No.10 August-September, 2019
  2. No. 9 June-July, 2019
  3. No. 8 April-May, 2019
  4. No. 7 February-March, 2019
  5. No. 6 December, 2018 - January, 2019
  6. Karu Fes Special edition 10-11th November, 2018
  7. No. 5 October-November, 2018
  8. No. 4 August-September, 2018
  9. No. 3 June-July, 2018
  10. No. 2 April-May, 2018
  11. First edition February-March, 2018
  12. The brochure being published every other month.

Photo album

  1. This album is made up the events held in the centre.
  2. First Karu Fes: 10-11th November, 2018
  3. 22nd September, 2018 RUN-TOMO Tama 2018 Being Started from the main entrance at 10:15 heading for the Parthenon Tama.
  4. 21st-22nd July, 2018: Haunted house There were big number of spectators.
  5. 9th June, 2018: First Karugamo Rakugo Performed by "Rakugo society" formed by Chuo University students.
  6. April-May, 2018: The histric site of "Wada" and "Higashi Terakata" area, a lecture and walk aroud.
  7. 11th March, 2018: The center held a special opening consert at the invitation of "Utagoe Land" and an opera singer, Toshiaki Murakami.
  8. 3rd February, 2018: An opening ceremony was held.